A website is your identity, your presentation on the internet and it is getting more and more important. The impression it provides holds the visitor's attention and makes them come back again and tell others about it. Sanja's WebDesign creates simple, fresh, clean and visually pleasing website that You can afford!

What are your tasks?

Contact me and provide me information about you and your project. I will think over and suggest you what would be most beneficial for your website needs.

Think about your domain name and get yourself domain and web space. You have to do that by yourself!

Supply me with the information I need to get started. This will include text information and photographs that should appear on your website. In the meantime, I'll work on a layout and design of your website.

What are my tasks?

As soon as I have something to show you, I'll upload the template to my server so you could check it as if you were one of your visitors. You can let me know if you'd like to make changes any time throughout this process.

Once I receive your payment, I'll upload your finished website on your internet server for you. Now you're ready to give your website address to your friends and customers and advertise your new site wherever and however you like!

I can help you advertise your new site. Aside from search engine submissions, I can submit your site to related websites, linking pages, help you with banner exchange, etc.

example of templates