I require a 50% deposit prior to beginning work on your web site design and the remaining 50% after completion. If you are not satisfied in design stage, your 50% deposit will be refunded to you. However, you will not receive your completed design and I will reserve all rights to it (except, of course, your photographs, information, etc. that you have provided me for use on your website).

Please tell others about me if you are a happy web design owner!

Thank You!

Prices are in Euro


Main design cost: 300 Eur
10 pages web site
custom meta tags
easy navigation
photo and graphic's optimisation

photo gallery

hit counter and online statistics
search engines submission

Additional pages: 25 Eur
different layout will be charged at an hourly fee:
25 Eur / hr

Site maintenance: 200 Eur / Year
paid in advance
update of existing information
adding new photos
special promotions and announcements

Other web design special services: 25 Eur / hr
paid in advance