Sanja's WebDesign is a private web design service which was born when my friends, dog breeders, asked me to help them designing their websites.

When I started browsing internet in 1996 I was disappointed to find out that there is no, or very little information about my birthplace, island Cres. However, in that, I saw my oportunity to change that and try myself in web designing. So my new hobby was born. I am learning by doing. The site changed it's looks many times, as my goal is to provide the visitor with the fast, plain, simple and clean information he is looking for. Even when the site looks finished, I'm never satisfied and I'll probably change it soon. ;-)
Never been on island Cres? Check out it's photo gallery to see some photos I've taken and you'll see what you are missing. ;-)

Not so long ago, my friend asked me to help her designing her french bulldog breeder site. As huge animal lover, I found that very amusing and fun and enjoyed the work.

Beautiful, unique, simple and adorable website design was born!

My wish is to keep web design as simple and user friendly as possible, and to help the visitor find the information he is looking for as fast as possible and, on the other hand, to give the opportunity to every pet breeder and pet owner to present themselves as unique and beautiful as possible.